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commodity trade finance flow

Cubri Services supports initiatives like this. A big “BRAVO” to Beneficial Returns and Ananas Anam for the work they are doing in this area.

Benefitial Returns says: "Our most recent borrower is Ananas Anam Ltd, a social enterprise that tackles rural poverty by converting agricultural waste into

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commodity trade finance meaning

Investment lifeline opens up the global economy to emerging countries

Inclusion is currently a hot topic in regulated investment circles where there is increased focus on impact assessment and sustainability as part of an

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pilot free trade zone

China announces plans for three new pilot free trade zones in Beijing, Hunan and Anhui

Three new pilot free trade zones in the capital city of Beijing, the southern province of Hunan and the eastern province of Anhui were announced on Monday

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fintech startups currency

How China’s digital currency could impact the country’s fintech start-ups

Beijing’s push for a sovereign digital currency was originally driven by the rapid digitisation of the economy and the rise of cryptocurrencies. The digital payments

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what is structured trade and commodity finance

China’s July new stock accounts more than double to 2.43 million as traders continue their headlong dive into market to sustain rally

July’s new A-share trading accounts more than doubled from last year to 2.43 million, according to data by the China Securities Depository and Clearing

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commodity trade finance meaning

Innovative thinking needed to plug the commodity trade financing gap

The shock news that BNP Paribas SA – one of the largest lenders to global commodity traders - has stopped financing any new commodity trade finance deals

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chinas sovereign digital currency

China’s sovereign digital currency plan becomes a hot guessing game amid leaks and expectations

Discussions about China’s much-hyped sovereign digital currency started heating up again after the Ministry of Commerce unveiled a plan last week to expand

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Collapse of currency

Defaults in China’s US$4.1 trillion corporate bond market could hit record high this year as recovery remains fragile

Some 3.65 trillion yuan (US$529 billion) of notes mature by year-end Chinese firms reneged on 10.4 billion yuan of notes in July and about the same amount

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