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Brexit’s Impact on the Food Industry

The British food sector faces one major struggle. One-third of overall food consumption is imported from Europe..

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Angola trying to replace western food imports with locally grown products

Angola recently became Africa’s largest oil producer, however, this isn’t enough for the country...

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Uncertainty About the Gold Market

According to experts, if next year the price drops as low as analysts expect it could, the situation would put the whole industry out of business...

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Nickel Market Chaos

The price of nickel has surged to its highest over the past six months...

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Fragile Food and Water Security in Africa, a Global Risk

For Africa, food and water security have a major catalyst: the temperature. World leaders gathered in Egypt for COP27...

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Carbon Neutrality

Road to Carbon Neutrality

Many countries have been aiming for carbon neutrality for over a decade, but recent factors have accelerated its progress...

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Copper mine

Copper: decreasing inventories & rising demand

Increasing demand is also putting a lot of pressure on the copper exchange, as it is for many other markets...

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Gas Supply for Europe

Europe’s alternative options to replace Russian gas supply.

The issue of gas supply becomes increasingly sensitive as the war progresses, causing many people to consider alternatives to replace Russia...

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