Cubri Services hits another milestone

Cubri Services hits another milestone

Geneva-based Cubri Services, which introduces trading companies to non-traditional financing providers, is proud to announce that it is now Swiss SRO SO-FIT regulated and FINOS ombudsman service affiliated. 

This new status allows Cubri to provide financing directly and collect payments from its growing number of clients in emerging markets. 

Since its formation in 2019, Cubri Services has gained an enviable reputation for supporting clients in their search for new revenue streams, particularly in growing commodities.

As cross-border investment, trade, bank loans and supply chains shrink or stagnate relative to world GDP (a trend termed ‘slowbalisation’), Cubri Services is opening up the global economy to emerging countries. By drawing on its expertise, experience and network of contacts worldwide, Cubri Services is helping to make financial inclusion a reality for developing nations.

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